What I can do for you


Are you looking for a good consultant and/or concept developer for your film-, TV-, music-, literature-, or game project? I can help you with that!

I’ll dig out the right material from historical Nordic literature or archaeology to fit your purpose. I’ll consult the most recent research on a subject about the Nordic past, provide scholarly analysis and interpretation, and brainstorm with you to make it fit into your vision.


Does your project need translation into Old Norse, Proto-Nordic, Old English, the modern Scandinavian languages, or perhaps transliteration into runes? We can talk about that too.


Do you need assistance with a writing project? Lyrics for music, manuscript writing, online content, editing and other kinds of processing of large amount of text are one of my specialties!


Unfortunately, there is a long-standing tradition among white supremacists to appropriate Nordic history and culture, and use symbols from the Nordic region to promote their political agenda. This can make it difficult to navigate the information about Nordic culture that is available both online and in books. I have the necessary insight into the history of white supremacist appropriations of Old Norse mythology, runes, and other aspects of Nordic culture to help you avoid that.

Photo by Myrkyr Photography©
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