People I support

Tiyospaye Winyan Maka

Founded by Christiania Elea. TWM is a non-profit working for energy, housing, and food sovereignty for the Lakota and other indigenous peoples.

Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative

Founded by Jason Baldes. WRTBI works to restore the buffalo to the Wind River reservation in Wyoming. The buffalo is central to traditional Shoshone life, and bringing it back is part of restoring cultural identity and better access to healthy nutrition.

Nordic animism

Founded by Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen. Nordic animism is an initiative to restore and reclaim traditional knowledge in the Nordic region. Rune works hard on decolonizing traditional Nordic knowledge and untangling our past from white supremacy.


Founded by Joseph Hopkins. Mimisbrunnr is a well-spring of knowledge dedicated to guiding those who are interested in Old Norse mythology and the history of Germanic-speaking peoples in northern Europe.

RitualCravt and All Sacred Tattoo

Founded by Missy and Aries Rhysing. RitualCravt is the most inspiring alternative/occult store and learning center I know of. All Sacred Tattoo is one of the most welcoming spaces in the tattoo world. Together, they have the All Sacred Foundation, which works to support social causes in Denver and Colorado.

Photo by Myrkyr Photography©

Photo by Myrkyr Photography©
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