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Mathias holds a PhD in Old Norse mythology and has a general background in Nordic literature and languages including Old Norse, Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. He teaches Nordic and Arctic cultural studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Here, he offers courses on Old Norse mythology, the Viking Age, Scandinavian witchcraft, and Arctic cultures.

He is a published author of both academic and popular books, and he has a weekly podcast with the owner of the company Horns of Odin, Daniel Farrand. It is called the Nordic Mythology Podcast and you can find it on your preferred podcast platform.

Mathias has worked on a number of projects with musicians, music festivals, and media producers. He has worked with the bands Wardruna, Faun, and Nebala, the festivals Midgardsblot (Norway) and Fire in the Mountains (Wyoming), and he has contributed to WIRED’s Each and Every God in Marvel and PBS’s Luna and the World (Let’s Go Luna).

He has authored the academic book Volcanoes in Old Norse Mythology, a popular book on Nordic spirituality titled Ásatrú for Beginners, and the children’s book Norse Mythology for Kids. He is currently working on the book Ásatrú Music: The Sound of Nordic Antiquity with assistant professor Ross Hagen of Utah Valley University (USA). When Mathias isn’t writing books, he does freelance writing for, among others, CVLT NATION.

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