Heavy metal and Viking myths

This interview with Dr. Benjamin Teitelbaum, assistant professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, is about the use of Vikings, the Viking Age, and Nordic mythology in heavy metal music. Ben and I sat down to have a chat about how music helps humans establish identity, and what it is that makes Vikings so interesting to the heavy metal genre in particular. Why are Vikings identified as a good point of reference for heavy metal, and what is it that makes us like heavy metal as a genre of music in the first place? Ben is the author of the book “Lions of the North: Sounds of the new Nordic radical nationalism.” He is an expert on music, Scandinavian culture, and far-right ideologies. I figured that it would be interesting to get his input as I am traveling around Scandinavia this summer, and talking with interesting people who use Nordic mythology and the Viking Age in their modern art. Watch this super interesting interview on YouTube by clicking the image below:

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